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When people come to your website do you want them to comment on your website or on your art? Hopefully it's your art you want them to notice and remember, not some fancy effects going on on the site, effects which people using the wrong browser or people who haven't installed the required plugins won't be able to see anyway. So Turnpiece websites are simple. The design of the website won't detract from your art. Just as the walls of an art gallery are generally kept free of clutter, so are the pages of a Turnpiece Gallery website.


Turnpiece websites make it easy for people to see your art. They won't need to download any plugins or software, they won't be bombarded with flashy graphics or distracting adverts. They will just see your art on a clean simple and stylish website. They've come to see your art, that's what they want to see, and if you have confidence in your art that's what you want them to see, so that's what we show them.

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Easy to find

But none of this makes any difference if people don't get to your site in the first place. Turnpiece websites make it easy for people to find your art. They are built with search engines in mind. Just as they are easy for users to navigate, they are easy for search engines to index, making it easy for people to find you.

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Easy to set up and update

Turnpiece websites are easy for you to update. You're an artist. You don't need to be a techie as well. You don't need to learn new skills or download new software. You will be able to update your website from anywhere with an internet connection. And with an effective website, sending your portfolio out out to galleries, publishers, record companies or production companies will be so much easier and quicker, meaning you can spend more time on your art and less on trying to promote it.

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